Fei (Adam)

The ruling elite of Kahmer have always suffered from a certain amount of ‘attrition from within’.
Intrigue is carried out discreetly; usually through methods which, in less civilised cultures, would
be considered the purview of the fairer sex. Given this it is perhaps understandable that Fei would
eventually make a push for power at the expense of his brother. His getting drunk and slitting his
throat in the middle of a state banquet was less anticipated.

Always a pretentious and abrasive character his audacity transcended previous expectations when
he argued the morning after that the incident should be forgotten and he should be allowed to
take his brother’s throne as there was no other successor. This gall only served to antagonise those
who would pass judgement on him and his trial was short but convincing. Fei’s choice to represent
himself and his hysterical final summation, which shared more traits with a tantrum than any legal
argument, backfired in all the ways anticipated and as the nation was squeamish about the death
penalty Fei was sold into slavery for his crime (if not his audacity).

Three years in a mine Fei was sold to a galley captain with a weakness for cheap wine and large
women allowing Fei to drug his owner (after a series of encounters he vowed never to divulge)
and escape into the night. The port in which he found himself at large was poor enough to not
care about a runaway slave but rich enough for Fei to make himself comfortable enough through
card games and confidence tricks. This lasted until he hustled Tarek Ban, an unhinged local who
liked to compensate for his card playing deficiencies by creating new and innovative ways for his
antagonist to take in oxygen. This short and bloody encounter revealed to Fei that he was once
again unwelcome and upon his return to his rooms found that Tarek had beaten him there and
possessed a thoroughness to which a man of his intellect could rarely attest. Penniless once more he
disappeared into the dessert.


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